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DC Insights: The Active Advantages Participant Case Study

Some interesting new research from American Funds points to two criteria that are leading indicators of which funds — or, more specifically, fund managers — are likely to outperform their index. The first: low costs. The second: managers who personally invest in their own funds (data that can be found in SEC filings).
ERISA Fiduciary Issues: A Practice Guide for Advisors

The DOL’s regulatory agenda reflects the intensified focus on the plan fiduciary as the protector of participant rights. The service provider fee disclosure regulations, which became effective July 1, 2012, spotlight the plan sponsor’s fiduciary obligation to prevent excessive fees from eating away at participants’ savings. A separate DOL project is designed to expand the circle of individuals subject to fiduciary duties by expanding the definition of who is a fiduciary as a result of providing investment advice.
Globalization: A New Era for DC Plans

Retirement plan advisors have a critical opportunity to educate plan sponsors and participants about the importance of “going global.” Learn how in this must-read white paper from OppenheimerFunds.

Retaining Retirement Plan Rollovers

Most DC plan providers are facing a common problem: the continuous loss of assets due to distributions resulting from job changes and retirement. And while the departure of plan participants who change jobs or retire is part of the normal ebb and flow of the business, there is a real opportunity to hold on to these assets via a focused retention effort. Find out what the experts at The Diversified Services Group recommend for a firm that wants to improve its retention results.

The Fiduciary Considerations of Selecting the Right Target-Date Fund for Your Plan

Target-date funds can differ in very significant ways, from their underlying investment strategies to their fee structures. As target-date fund offerings continue to expand, and as their popularity with plan sponsors and participants grows, it is essential that the plan fiduciary understands these differences.

Social Media’s Growing Influence Among High Net Worth Investors

Ninety percent of high net worth individuals participate in some form of social media. Discover what else LinkedIn and Cogent found out about the use of social media platforms by these investors — and why retirement plan advisors should learn more about social media.

Advisor Practices of the Future: 2012-2015

The retirement plan industry will be transformed over the next five years. How will that impact you? This new, must-read white paper from Transamerica Retirement Solutions summarizes the results of a survey of 53 top plan advisors, consultants and practice leaders about the future of the industry.