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Sean Murray

By Sean Murray11/28/2012 • 0 Comments

Forbes’ Janet Novak highlights many of the benefits of a stable value fund, especially in a rising interest rate environment. For example, with $650 million in assets, the stable value asset class is widely misunderstood, creating a great opportunity for retirement plan advisors to differentiate themselves; and with proper protections in place, most stable value funds — even in an extreme rising interest rate environment — should maintain their principal and most of their yield.

By Sean Murray11/26/2012 • 1 Comments

New research from Wells Fargo details the differences in the savings and spending habits of affluent investors (those with assets in excess of $250,000) and those with less than $250,000 in savings. More than 50% of affluent investors utilize equities as a large portion of their asset allocation, the survey found (among other things), while just 35% of the non-affluent prefer stocks and would rather invest in cash, CDs, fixed income, etc. — a key point for many retirement plan advisors who are dealing mostly with less affluent investors.

By Sean Murray11/6/2012 • 0 Comments

A white paper by PIMCO’s stable value portfolio management team and the head of their DC practice describes in detail some of the steps that advisors should go through when making decisions about which fund(s) they should select for the capital preservation space in a DC menu.