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Rick Meigs


Rick is the Portal Conductor of the Strategic Partnerships station.

He is the founder and President of, a leading provider of information, opinion, analysis, news, rules and other 401(k) resources for plan sponsors, retirement professionals, small businesses and employees. He is a nationally recognized authority on 401(k) plans and has founded and run a number of retirement companies. Rick is a co-author of the 401(k) Plan Participants Survival Guide, co-editor of the 401(k) Plan Sponsors Fiduciary Toolkit and co-host of the radio show “The Retirement Hour” for more than three years.

By Rick Meigs12/5/2013 • 0 Comments

Much can be improved in our existing retirement system, but as noted in a just-released white paper, our voluntary, employer-sponsored retirement plan scheme provides a critical source of savings for millions of American workers at all ages and income levels.

By Rick Meigs11/21/2013 • 0 Comments

Many of us are not "natural" sales people — we toil away at the process. We can respond to an RFP and get in front of a plan committee, but aren't sure how to improve our success rate at closing the deal.

By Rick Meigs8/20/2013 • 0 Comments

Ryan Schutty, a regional marketing director with the Principal Financial Group, wrote an interesting blog post last week on how cold calling doesn’t have to be so cold. He notes that when it comes to cold calling, a good way to "warm" it up is by thinking horizontally.

By Rick Meigs6/26/2013 • 0 Comments

Tom Clark at FRA/PlanTools has spent considerable time and energy delving into and analyzing the DOL's Form 5500 database for usable prospecting information. He shared some insights and tips that I think you will find useful in your business development efforts.

By Rick Meigs5/14/2013 • 0 Comments

Boston-based Cogent Research has released some interesting data about the use of social media by plan sponsors. The information comes from the firm’s 4th annual Retirement Planscape® study.

By Rick Meigs4/16/2013 • 0 Comments

A new report from the Retirement Advisor Council shows plan sponsors continuing to use formal RFP searches to find the right retirement advisor. According to the study, “What Type of Financial Advisor is Right for My Plan?”, plan sponsors ascribe four benefits to the process.

By Rick Meigs2/21/2013 • 1 Comments

It’s the age-old issue of how to increase employee participation in a 401(k) plan. We know how crucial it is to the overall success of the plan – particularly to the highly compensated employee group. High participation also helps in creating a positive attitude towards the company and helps greatly in employee retention. So, how can you increase participation?

By Rick Meigs1/7/2013 • 0 Comments

In building strategic partnerships, Pete Kirtland wrote in Friday’s Wall Street Journal about the value and benefits of the unbundled approach: “When we talk about building 401(k) partnerships, there are two models in the retirement plan space. The old-fashioned one is called bundled. That's where all the different services for 401(k) plans — financial advisory services, record keeping, third-party administration and custodial services — are offered by the same entity. In an unbundled environment, a different entity provides each of these services, and that’s their core competency."

By Rick Meigs12/27/2012 • 0 Comments

Entrepreneur magazine's Lisa Evans lays out six good tips to make use of your holiday downtime, but let me add two more: (1) reconnect — this is a great time to reach out and make contact with those people that have been influential in your business and life that you haven't spoken to in a while; and (2) recognize — drop your "A" clients a personal note of thanks and appreciation. There's nothing like a warm and informal "high touch" contact to keep a relationship strong.

By Rick Meigs12/6/2012 • 0 Comments

Often we miss some of the simplest and easiest opportunities to enhance our relationships with existing retirement plan clients. That's the premise laid out by Bob Kaplan, national retirement consultant for ING. Kaplan offers six suggestions on how to use the year-end plan review with plan sponsors to lay out your accomplishments, ask about concerns and manage expectations — and possibly find more business as well.

By Rick Meigs11/20/2012 • 0 Comments

From a plan sponsor’s perspective, which plan providers are doing the best job? A large number of respondents to the just-released 2012 PLANSPONSOR Defined Contribution Survey indicated a decline in satisfaction with their 401(k) providers. Overall satisfaction is down across 22 of 23 categories of service, the poll of more than 6,000 companies found. This means there are more sales opportunities now than last year.

By Rick Meigs11/15/2012 • 0 Comments

A new year is fast approaching, which for many advisors means it’s time to give some thought to their marketing plans. Creating — or reviewing — a marketing strategy provides an excellent opportunity for you to define and launch initiatives to capture a greater share of the retirement plan business in your marketplace. An article from the folks at 401k Coach lays out five steps that will help you develop a strategy.

By Rick Meigs11/1/2012 • 1 Comments

In an article they wrote for the Journal of Pension Benefits, Sarah Simoneaux and Chris Stroud from Simoneaux and Stroud Consulting Services offer some valuable insights on how TPAs can benefit from strategic partnerships. In fact, the lessons are transferable to any business segment.