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Jim Farley

By Jim Farley6/3/2013 • 6 Comments

When you really think it through, changing the 401(k) investment approach from participant-directed to offering portfolios selected by the plan sponsor or an investment fiduciary has merit. It allows those who are most qualified to make asset selections do what they do best. The participant’s choices get boiled down to just a few important questions: “How much do you need to save?” “Are you aware that your employer is giving you $X for every dollar you contribute?”

By Jim Farley1/17/2013 • 0 Comments

When all is said and done, if participants are not saving enough to retire comfortably and plan sponsors are not receiving the quality of service they need, it matters little that the Department of Labor required volumes of disclosure designed to increase fee and investment transparency. Let’s take a closer look at the DOL rule’s impact on both of these groups.