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Andrew Remo

By Andrew Remo4/10/2015 • 0 Comments

Legislators in the Bay State have been busy developing bills that could impact the private employer sponsored retirement system should they become state law.

By Andrew Remo3/26/2015 • 0 Comments

The Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Labor are both working on fiduciary issues — but their different approaches appear to be on different schedules.

By Andrew Remo3/19/2015 • 0 Comments

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez used his first appearances before the 114th Congress this week to deliver a full-throated defense of the DOL’s reproposed fiduciary standard.

By Andrew Remo3/3/2015 • 0 Comments

Legislation that would require Maryland employers to adopt payroll deduction savings plans for their employees got a full airing in both chambers of the state's General Assembly.

By Andrew Remo2/27/2015 • 0 Comments

Add the Evergreen State to the list of states that are considering legislation affecting the marketplace for private retirement plan products.

By Andrew Remo2/12/2015 • 0 Comments

Legislation just introduced in the Oregon State Senate brings the Beaver State a step closer to establishing a state-run retirement savings program.

By Andrew Remo2/4/2015 • 0 Comments

In addition to proposals that include a retirement savings cap, double-taxing contributions of those above the 28% tax bracket and encouraging automatic enrollment, President Obama’s budget blueprint for fiscal year 2016 seeks to change the tax treatment of IRAs and qualified retirement plans.

By Andrew Remo1/26/2015 • 0 Comments

The new chairman of the Senate Finance Committee has staked out his plans, and the Committee’s agenda, for dealing with pension reform.

By Andrew Remo1/21/2015 • 0 Comments

Still hoping that the latest iteration of the fiduciary rule proposal would preserve a broad seller’s exemption for the small retirement plan market or allow retirement plan advisors to continue to offer rollover advice to participants? Better think again.

By Andrew Remo1/16/2015 • 0 Comments

With President Obama poised to deliver his State of the Union address this Tuesday, a powerful coalition of retirement, union, and so-called consumer protection groups have launched a new attack on retirement plan advisors.

By Andrew Remo1/14/2015 • 0 Comments

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), the Ranking Democratic Member of the House of Representatives’ Budget Committee, unveiled a set of tax proposals Jan. 12 that are said to be designed, at least in part, to redistribute current tax breaks for the wealthy to middle-class workers.

By Andrew Remo12/23/2014 • 0 Comments

While finalizing many of the details of the MyRA program, Treasury and the Department of Labor (DOL) may have unearthed some serious new questions.

By Andrew Remo12/22/2014 • 0 Comments

Largely overlooked in the flurry of lame duck activity by Congress is a bill that creates a new kind of savings account for those with disabilities.

By Andrew Remo12/19/2014 • 0 Comments

Just days before the end of the 113th Congress, two senior members of the House Ways & Means Committee introduced a bipartisan, comprehensive retirement bill.

By Andrew Remo12/3/2014 • 0 Comments

More than a dozen states are at various stages of considering some kind of “automatic IRA” proposal — but the Land of Lincoln may have just leapt to the front of the line.

By Andrew Remo11/21/2014 • 0 Comments

Yale Law School professor Ian Ayres — yes, that Ian Ayres – made a presentation at a Nov. 19 public hearing held by the Connecticut Retirement Security Board that featured an interesting proposal.

By Andrew Remo11/5/2014 • 0 Comments

NAPA, ASPPA and NTSA submitted a joint letter Nov. 3 to the Connecticut Retirement Security Board (CRSB) in response to the board’s request for public comment in order to help the CSRB develop and implement a state-run plan for employees of private employers.

By Andrew Remo9/19/2014 • 0 Comments

Three key players in the formulation and design of the auto-IRA concept came together at a Sept. 17 policy forum in Washington, D.C. to offer perspective and an assessment of the road ahead.

By Andrew Remo8/29/2014 • 0 Comments

Its authors may not have led with that title, but a recent paper calls for wholesale changes to the way Americans currently save for retirement, including suspending all defined contribution savings arrangements because “they are complex, costly, and challenging for employers and employees to manage.”

By Andrew Remo8/14/2014 • 0 Comments

The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), the congressional scorekeeper of tax legislation, on Aug. 5 issued its latest estimates of the increasing costs of the tax incentives for retirement savings. The numbers are eye-popping.

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