What Would You Like to Know About the Fiduciary Reproposal?

By Nevin Adams • 5/4/2015 • 0 Comments

With publication of the Labor Department’s fiduciary reproposal, we now have some answers — and some more questions — about the what, when, who, how and how much this might impact.

On Thursday, May 7, two of the nation’s leading fiduciary experts will highlight some of the critical aspects of this reproposal, and what it could mean to retirement plan advisors in a free, NAPA member-only webcast

For this week’s polling question, I’d like to give you a chance to not only rank some of the key questions that I’ve heard from advisors over the past few weeks — but to ask the questions you’d most like to see answered — if not in this week’s webcast, then by the Labor Department itself.

You can weigh in here.

How it Works

You’ll be given two options from which to choose — pick the one you’d most like to have answered, or add one of your own choosing to the poll. Can’t decide between the two? There’s an option for that as well. Then you’ll get two more to vote on, and so on. Vote as often as you’d like.

And while we’ve given you a list to start with, feel free to add your own (or post them in the comments below, and we’ll do that for you)! We’ll address as many as we can in Thursday’s webcast – and we’ll post the poll results on Friday.

WARNING: This can be addictive!

More information on the webcast is available here.

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