What’s the Best — and Worst — Career Choice?

By Nevin Adams • 4/27/2015 • 0 Comments

You may like what you do for a living — or you may not. Or maybe you like what you’re doing, but have always wondered about a different career choice.

And let’s face it, one person’s career passion can be another’s job purgatory on earth.

CareerCast recently evaluated four major job categories — environment, income, outlook and stress — to identify what are purportedly the best 200 jobs and (by default) the worst 200 jobs.

We’ve taken their top 25, their bottom 25, and added in a few retirement industry “specials” that didn’t make their list to give you an opportunity to help us create our own best — and (by default) worst — jobs.

Feel free to add one (or more) that you think was “overlooked.” Weigh in at http://ideas.asppa.org/2015bestjobs

How it Works

You’ll be given two options from which to choose — pick the one you think is the best of the two jobs, or add one of your own choosing to the poll. Can’t decide between the two? There’s an option for that as well. Then you’ll get two more to vote on, and so on. Vote as often as you’d like.

And while we’ve given you a list to start with, feel free to add your own (or post them in the comments below, and we’ll do that for you)! We’ll post the results on Friday.

WARNING: This can be addictive!

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