Many Linked In to Social Media, But Impact Remains Elusive

By Nevin Adams • 4/24/2015 • 0 Comments

A recent survey finds that three-quarters of advisors are using social media for business, and two-thirds (66%) have gained new clients via social media — up from 49% in 2013.

In fact, the 2014 Putnam Investments Survey of Financial Advisors’ Use of Social Media found that more than a third (36%) of financial advisors use Facebook, and nearly two-thirds use LinkedIn, though there are generational — and demographic — differences.

Sure enough, three-quarters of respondents to this week’s NAPA Net reader poll are on LinkedIn, but that’s pretty much the exclusive social media outlet cited. And while roughly a quarter say that social media has had a positive impact on their business, most say the impact has been neither positive nor negative.

Outside of work a different picture emerges. Three-quarters use Facebook, about a quarter are on Twitter, and a similar number use Pinterest. Oh, and LinkedIn, of course.

We also asked which social media platform(s) they’d use for work if they were allowed to. LinkedIn dominated this response, with Facebook and Twitter each cited by about a third and a quarter of respondents, respectively.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s poll!

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