Individual Membership

Advocacy. Business Intelligence. Networking. Professional Development.

You need all four to keep your business growing, and NAPA is the place for you to find them.

401(k) advisors are in troubled waters right now. Congress and the president are exploring all kinds of changes to the tax code, putting your livelihood at risk. As a member of the National Association of Plan Advisors, you will align yourself with the nation’s leading organization for people like you. NAPA is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on the issues that matter to you and your colleagues.

NAPA’s core principles guide us in providing the best advocacy, support, professional development and networking opportunities in the industry. With a NAPA membership, not only will you join thousands of your colleagues in rising up and making your voice heard on Capitol Hill and in legislatures throughout the country, but you will be able to grow your business and your expertise in ways you hadn’t even imagined before.

In addition to our advocacy and professional development offerings, NAPA produces the NAPA Net Daily e-newsletter and NAPA Net the Magazine. The Daily covers the latest developments in the plan advisor field, providing a unique mix of mission-critical news, analysis and thought leadership. The magazine provides a quarterly deep dive into the big issues, focusing on what’s over the horizon.

You will also get a discount each year on registration at the NAPA 401(k) Summit, the nation’s largest and most robust conference for 401(k) plan advisors.

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